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March 2024 Advanture Trip Notice

Dear valued customers,

  We would like to inform you of an important update. In our ongoing commitment to enhance the quality and service of our brand's products, some of you may already have heard that a new line of products has been developed and is currently being tested in the Asian market. The products in development incorporate new materials and production procedures. However, the results have been mixed. Therefore, we have decided to dedicate time to conduct comprehensive research.

 As part of this process, we will temporarily cease online sales on our US site to ensure our full focus on product study and our return to the market with a proper approach. We are confident in this action and believe it will deliver a superior and more satisfying product experience for you, as this has remained our top priority since the very beginning.


 We plan to resume sales starting in April, and we will return to the market with stronger and more appealing products. During this period, we commit to continuing support and service for you, and you can reach out to us anytime through

 All orders places while we're on the adventure will be processed by 30 March 2024.

 We sincerely appreciate your understanding and support. We look forward to sharing our stories on the trip with you and continuing to provide you with the highest quality service.



Thank you.


Warm regards,

SIMPro Modeling and Supplies

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